Secret Womens Business

Secret Women’s Business

Many older women turn to something different in their lives when overcoming adversity. Perth based Secret Women’s Business is a choir of sassy, inspirational women who just love to sing together and have experienced life’s pitfalls along the way.

“Our hope is to inspire other women, encourage them to try something new and make a difference to their lives,” said spokesperson Benita Devins.

“Many of us took up singing after a turning point in our lives – maybe a battle with cancer, mental health issues or the loss of a partner.

“Singing with a supportive group is a great healer, both physically and mentally. We’re definitely not a traditional choir, much more a crazy bunch of entertainers really.

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Benita said

Benita said the choir currently had 17 members, with two more in training. One of the new members described being accepted into the choir as ‘now being on a journey to be a performer not just a singer.’

“Apart from singing some beautiful harmonies and performing songs, the audience can get involved in a few parodies of well-known songs. We are lucky enough to have two women in the group, Helen Lowth and Sheila Tipper, with great talent for rewriting the lyrics.

“Helen created a Bunnings skit to the tune of Big Spender and Sheila has converted Tom Jones’ Delilah, Dusty Springfield’s Wishin’ and Hopin’ and Neil Sedaka’s Breaking Up Is Hard To Do and many more with hilarious results.”