Musical Director: Martin Meader

MARTIN MEADER is a writer of children’s fiction, a feature film producer, composer, musician, and choral director. In 1997, Martin Meader co-wrote and Co-Executive Produced Paradise Road, a $25.6 million Fox Searchlight feature, which starred Glenn Close, Cate Blanchett, Pauline Collins, Jennifer Ehle, and Francis McDormand.

Martin is also the musical director of the Born to Sing Choirs in Perth, a total of 150 singers. The choirs have raised over $235,000 for various charities and have performed in the Perth Festival Fringe and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. 

From 2014-2015, Martin was the musical director for teaching a choir that was part of the $7 million Western Desert Kidney Health Project, an initiative that aimed to reduce disease and diabetes by 20% over three years in 10 Aboriginal Goldfields communities. 

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