Charlie & Moon

Never open presents on the night before your birthday, especially magical ones. You can never be sure of the quincequonces...

 The Adventures of Charlie & Moon by Martin Meader is a fantasy adventure for children about a boy named Charlie Ramsbottom who opens a mysterious birthday present the night before his ninth birthday and the consequences that follow. Moon is a young eagle who needs Charlie’s help to stop an evil toymaker, Skunk Weavel from turning all the eagles and endangered species into stuffed toys. The story is written as a novel and feature film and was published in December 2009 by Crow Flies Press. Finalist in the Juvenile Fiction section of ForeWord Magazine's Book of The Year Awards 2009.

Kat Goddard from The New England Booksellers Association calls The Adventures of Charlie & Moon “charming… especially welcome to younger fans of the Harry Potter books… it has the classic feel and lovely language of Tolkien but with plenty of contemporary bits...”

Jana Laiz, award-winning author of Weeping Under This Same Moon raves, “…maniacally funny, disgustingly hilarious…like Roald Dahl in all his wicked glory…”

Isabel (Year 4, 9 years old) from Western Australia says: “Your book Charlie and Moon is fantastic! It is a fast-moving tale of adventure and everyone should read it. It is very creative and amazingly funny. I could read it 100 times and never get bored. I recommend it to anyone who likes adventure stories. It is a brilliant book.”

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